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Summer Orientation & Academic Registration For New Students (SOAR)

During your virtual SOAR sessions, we’re going to learn all about you – and your personal goals – so we can nurture your unique potential. More than that, you’ll get to know us, as our current students, faculty and staff all take part in this exciting orientation event.

After you’ve chatted with your future Huron family, you’ll start to shape what your Huron academic experience will look like. Together, with your personal Academic Advisor, you will learn how to pick your first-year class schedule. They will ensure you fulfill any and all requirements to pursue your chosen program and passions.

We know that attending university is big transition, not just for you, but for your parents too! Parents are also encouraged to attend SOAR. While students are connecting with their Academic Advisor and other new students, parents will have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Students can register for a session below and forward the confirmation email containing the session link to their parents. The password required to login to the event will be emailed to you one day before your SOAR session.


Select the session of your preference from the list below. SOAR Sessions are program-specific. Please ensure you register for a session that corresponds to the program that you have accepted. If you are unsure, please check your acceptance letter or OUAC.

FASS = Arts and Social Science programs
MOS = Management and Organizational Studies programs

Friday, July 24 at 9:00 AM – FASS
Friday, July 24 at 1:00 PM – MOS



Preparing For Your Session

Once you have accepted your offer at Huron, you should begin the process of planning your course selection. There are hundreds of course options available to students within the Western community. To make things a little easier for you, we have developed tools to help you plan.

Draft My Schedule is an easy way to create your schedule and determine how courses will fit. You can save your schedule and have it ready for when you review with your Academic Advisor.

For your virtual session, you will also need to download ZOOM in advance. You are encouraged to attend the virtual session using your laptop or desktop computer. If your parents are joining, they will need to use a separate device to login since students and parents will be assigned to groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents attend SOAR?
Parents are encouraged to attend SOAR. In addition to shared information sessions, we offer orientation to provide parents with more information about Huron’s programs and services.
How many courses do I take?
Full-time students normally register for 5.0 courses, made up of full-year (1.0) courses and one-term (0.5) courses, with a balance of five courses in each term.
How many courses do I need to be full-time?
To be considered full-time at Huron, you are required to take 3.5 courses or more per academic year. OSAP may have different requirements for what it means to be full-time. Consult Huron’s Financial Aid Officer for more information.
How many credits do I need for my degree?
For a four-year degree, students require 20.0 credits. For a three-year degree, students require 15.0 credits. Students may take longer than three or four years, respectively, to complete their degree requirements. A maximum of 7.0 first year credits can count towards one’s degree.
What courses do I need for my module?
You can view admission requirements and required courses for your module on the Academic Calendar under “Modules/Programs”.
How many courses can I have in one subject?
For a four-year degree, you can have up to 14.0 credits in one subject. For a three-year degree, you can have up to 9.0 credits in one subject.
What if I change my course choices?
You can continue to use the registration tool until September 17 to make course changes, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to obtain new course choices at that time. Be sure to book your SOAR Session early to ensure the greatest choice of classes and timetable.
What is the deadline and how do I change my courses?
The final day to add a full course or a first-term half course is September 17. The final day to add a second-term half course is January 12. Once SOAR ends, you must obtain academic advising through Huron’s Student Support Services.
What are some other degree requirements?
Students must complete their breadth requirements. Breadth requirements including having at least 1.0 credits in Category A (Social Science), Category B (Arts and Humanities), and Category C (Math and Science). Students must complete at least 2.0 essay credits, at least 1.0 must be at the 2000 level or above.
What averages do I need to achieve/maintain?
To graduate or to be in good standing, students require a minimum modular and cumulative average of at least 60%. For honors programs, students require averages of at least 70%.  In many cases, averages required are program dependent. Check the Academic Calendar to determine what grades/averages are required for your program.
How can I change my program?
Students can request to change their program though their Student Centre during the Intent to Register (ITR) period which takes place every year in February and March. Students must complete an ITR whether they wish to remain in the same program or change programs. Students will only be admitted into a program if they meet the requirements outlined in the Academic Calendar.
What if I don’t get into the program I want?
Students are encouraged to create parallel plans so if their first choice program doesn’t work out, they have a second choice. If a student can’t get into their chosen program, they will be “Undeclared”. Students are encouraged to check out the Academic Calendar to explore program options and to meet with an Academic Advisor for more information.
What happens if I fail a course?
Failing a course will decrease your cumulative average. An ‘F’ will not be removed from your record, even if you repeat the course. You can take a course again (up to three times, depending on the situation) and it is always the most recent attempt that counts. If you have more than 6.0 fails, you will be required to withdraw from the university.
Do any Huron courses include a travel component?
Yes, Huron’s Political Science department has offered a course where students travel to Rwanda. Huron’s Centre for Global Studies department also has opportunities for students to get Huron credit while travelling internationally. Typically, students will have to submit an application for these courses. Reach out to the appropriate department to learn more.
Do you offer services for students who require academic accommodations?
Yes. Accessible Education provides support for students who require accommodation. To book an appointment, please contact or call 519-661-2147. You can find more information here: Accessible Education It is best to request academic accommodation during the summer, after students register for courses. After your academic plan has finalized, Accessible Education will communicate your accommodations with Huron. If you require any special arrangements in order to participate in SOAR, please contact Huron’s Student Support Services at or 519-438-7224 ext. 244.
Is it possible for me to pursue a program not offered at Huron (science, health sciences, fine arts, etc.) and still be a Huron student?
Yes. The degree structure allows for the combination of programs where students can do double majors offered at Huron, Western, Brescia, and King’s. Each year, you must maintain the residency requirement of 3.0 full-course equivalents taken at Huron, and one of your majors must be at Huron.
How many courses do I have to take at Huron?
At least THREE full-course equivalents of your five courses must be taken at Huron (equivalent to 60% course load). If a course is offered at Huron as well as at another campus, you must take the Huron section. If you do not follow this guideline you will be withdrawn from course.
Do I need to check my Western email account?
Yes. You need to check this email account. All official Huron and Western University correspondence will be sent to this email account. If you do not anticipate checking this account often, it is recommended that you forward all messages from your Western email account to your other frequently used email account. The option to forward emails can be found on the Western ITS web page:
I am a transfer student, should I attend SOAR?
As a transfer student, you're welcome to attend SOAR, however, it is important that you schedule an appointment with Academic Advising to design your academic plan once your transfer credits have been finalized. Contact the Admissions Office at to ensure your assessment is complete.  An appointment with Academic Advising can be arranged by contacting
Why do I need a student card and how do I obtain one?
The Western ONECard is both your campus identification card (required for all final exams) and a convenient, easy and safe way to make purchases and use services on campus. You can upload your photo online at to avoid long line-ups during O-Week. Students who upload their photos by the deadline can pick up their student card from Huron Student Support Services on move-in day.
How will Huron communicate with me regarding my residence application?
You are now officially a Huron student, and will need to ensure you are checking your UWO email on a regular basis. All communication from Huron will be sent to this email address.
How will I know if I am receiving an Entrance Scholarship?
The Recruitment & Admissions Office will confirm your admission once final grades are received. If you are a 105 student, please arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to Huron. Once your admission and scholarship has been finalized, a confirmation letter with be posted in your Huron Portal.
Campus tours are currently not being offered. Does Huron have a virtual tour?
Yes! Please visit to see Huron’s campus.
Where can I find information on important dates?
You can find all sessional dates in the Academic Calendar.
Where can I find additional Frequently Asked Questions on Residence and Student Life?
You can find all more information on our FAQ website page.
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